Happy Fall! Second Grade Still Life Paintings.

Second graders learned a lot about the genre of still life.  We studied a lot of different still life paintings.  We talked about the size of the objects in the still life and how a lot of times these objects overlap.  Some things were big, some things are small, some things we only see a small part of.

Next, we learned how to draw things that we see on a table in fall.  We practiced pumpkins, squash, leaves, acorns, dried corn, fruit bowls, and more!

Then, we put these objects together to create our own still life picture.

Once our drawings were perfect, we got to PAINT!  We used tempera paint.  We only used the PRIMARY colors.  Second graders knew that if they had the primary colors, they could make every other color on the color wheel.  It was a lot of work, but second graders mixed and painted and mixed and painted.... They turned out great!  See our paintings in our Gallery on Artsonia.com