Fifth Grade Center Time.

Fifth grade cracked me up during their centers time.  They totally camped out on the floor making wild sculptures out of recyclables.

Second Grade Centers Time!

It's been awhile since this second grade class had some time for Art Centers!  

This group worked together to build an awesome building in our Architecture Center.

These friends worked hard on drawing and stenciling in our Drawing Center.

These friends used all sorts of recyclables to make some totally cool sculptures in the Sculpture Center.

First grade learned all about the artist Henri Rousseau and looked carefully at his painting Surprise!  Next, we made our own jungle themed collage without using scissors!

Second grade meets Henri Matisse.

Second grade learned about the artist Henri Matisse and his beautiful Cut-Outs.  We talked about his bold use of color and his abstract compositions.  Second grade set out to make their own Matisse inspired collage.

Fifth grade is painting like real artists!

Fifth grade has been learning all sorts of new color theory vocabulary.  Our final project in this unit is an acrylic painting after the artist Georgia O'Keeffe.

Fifth grade learned all about mixing analogous colors to create depth, and how to paint with acrylics.  It was fun using the mini-easels!  And the paintings look great!

Fifth Grade Planet Paintings

Fifth grade learned about mixing primary colors and creating tints and shades.  We also learned how a light source might change a colors brightness.

Fourth grade makes African Masks!

We have been listening to A Long Walk to Water in art class.  It is about a Sudanese "lost boy" and how he managed to get to America.  It is a good book and has kept the classes attention for many weeks!  The book happens to coincide with our latest project, African Masks!

Fourth graders are not using the same traditional techniques as native Africans.  However, we are learning a lot about shapes to forms, colors from nature, balance, and repetition.  We talked about the importance of the masks in African culture, and how many of the masks are held sacred.